Nant y Bedd


After the tremendous storm in November last year which washed away the central part of ‘Daffydd’s Wall’, we have finally got around to having it rebuilt, by Bruce Rogers. But that’s not what this is really about. With the new wall came the opportunity to re-align the fence above it, by the maple and walnut trees. On the weekend, I pulled out the old fence which was erected by Sue’s Dad about… Read More

I suppose that it is one of those delightful quirks of the English language where two very diverse meanings accrue to one word.  ‘To Forge’:  1) to make new items by the heating and working of metal.  2) to make a fake items with the intention to confuse or defraud. Well, the Nant y Bedd forge is now up and glowing and there’s nothing fake about what I hope will be coming out… Read More