A good place for a G&T!

I’ve just finished refurbishing two benches and a low table for a lady in Llangynidr.  The metal work was badly flaking and some of the timbers were bent into boomerangs!

After cleaning down the metal and repainting with Hammerite, I put new oak timbers on all three and joined them with new cross dowels to make a super strong finish.

Al though I do say so myself they looked wonderful.

G&T needed!

G&T needed!

Putting them back in place in the Llangynidr garden, we both decided that the only thing lacking was a couple of glasses of Gin and Tonic!

If you’ve got a bench or two needing a bit of TLC, drop me a line.


One Comment on “A good place for a G&T!

  1. They look stunning – elegant as well as comfortable. The bench we already have from you has been proving its worth in this recent warm weather.

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