Birthday venue?

This weekend we had, amongst others, two groups of visitors who were celebrating birthdays.

On Saturday it was an 80th Birthday, and friends had been collected from all over the country for a black tie dinner, with Scottish Reels(!), just down the road.  They did however find time to spend the afternoon, basking in the sunshine, to enjoy Nant y Bedd.  Not only enjoying the garden but also taking the time to talk with Sue and I about the how, why, where etc. of the garden.  I was even able to give the cricket fan an update on the Test score!

Sunday wasn’t as dry and hot, but we loved having a group of much younger people who had amongst their number a little person who was celebrating her 1st Birthday.  A couple of three year olds really enjoyed the pigs, sheep and the baby ducklings, whilst the birthday girl slept on in the back-pack.

Getting them young as garden visitors is what we need, so hopefully we may see some of them again in about 15 years!

Enjoy your Birthday weekend (Sue did suggest hen party, but I’m not so sure….) with a visit to Nant y Bedd.

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