Nant y Bedd


There’s tidy! “There’s tidy” around here in Wales means something that has got someone’s seal of approval, for example, ‘there’s a tidy-sized marrow you’ve grown there boyo’…but in this article I’m using the word in it’s more usual sense of neat or organised. Being too tidy in the garden at this time of year in my view, is not always desirable.  A neatly trimmed beech which holds its leaves all winter or… Read More

The perennial challenge at this time of year is to find enough of a dry spell to sort out the flower beds ( I use this term advisedly) so that I can plant the spring bulbs.  Tulips I gather don’t mind if they are not planted until November but alliums should really be in sooner.  Problem is that I plant tulips and alliums together.  Hence the current panic to get it all… Read More