Is all wildlife friendly?

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As you will know, we pride ourselves on our wildlife friendliness.  But is all wildlife as friendly as we’d like? We know that our local badgers have a liking for the occasional tulip bulb – OK, have a liking for a LOT of tulip bulbs – but have they now forsaken vegetarianism for a liking for a bit of flesh and blood?

Over the past few nights there’s been a lot of ground disturbance around the duck house.  So we dug out the night vision camera and here’s the result.

Anybody about?


Is that a camera? Do I get royalties?? Should have brushed my hair!

Tricky-looking catch on this door


Oh well, I’ll have a little dig here then.

Ah! This looks a bit more promising. If only I can move this old garden fork…..


…that’s better.

Bit of a squeeze


I’m sure there’s something down here


Mmm, don’t think I can get any further. Maybe have another look tomorrow!

Fortunately, we don’t think he was after the ducks, maybe a mouse or three, but I can imagine the consternation in the hutch.

The sharp-eyed among you will have noticed that the dates on the pics are a bit in the wrong order, but it makes a better story that way.  We’ve now moved the hutch a few yards and the latest pics suggest that the ducks are quite safe, but we’ll make sure they are safely in bed every night for a while!

Fox attack

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It being near Remembrance Day, I’ll put this in military terms:  Of the slug patrol (1st Ducks) which went out yesterday morning only one has returned,  One is definitely Killed in Action (Francis the Drake) and two are missing presumed dead. A long search this morning found no trace.  The remaining duck, thought to be Maisie is showing signs of stress.  The culprit was Mr Fox, spotted in the beam of my head torch as I came to shut them in for the night.  We’ve been worrying for some time about losing them to the nearby Goshawk, which took chickens earlier in the year, and took our eyes of the threat nearer the ground.