All’s well with the world!

Forget inflation, the fuel crisis and Mr Putin, all is well with the world ‘cos our House-martins are back!

A glimpse yesterday afternoon suggested that they were back, but it wasn’t conclusive. This morning I was woken by the typical chatter just above the bedroom window! proof that are long-distance ‘friends’ were back.

Historically they have returned in mid April, but it seems over the past few years that mid-May is a more likely time.

Unlike so many birds, they really seem to have a language, chattering away to each other as though they are discussing the journey back here and the perils they’ve faced on the way. We always joke, as they are preparing to leave, that the older ones are reminding the youngsters to “turn right at the Eiffel Tower, then left over the Pyrenees” to make sure they get back to their winter homes.

Anyway, summer at Nant y Bedd wouldn’t be complete without them.

Here’s a couple of pics taken by Natalie this morning.

“I’m sure the house was here when we left last autumn! I think we’ve a bit of re-building to do!”

On the wing
Meeting the neighbours again.

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