The Incredible Tree Cat

Those of you who have visited the garden will most probably remember our daft cat Oreo. She may well have even accompanied you on your visit. She will almost certainly have carefully trodden on your toes whilst you get the “introduction to the garden” from Sue or I; she may well also have tried to use your trousers as a scratching post!

Occasional ones among you will have come back from a trip into the tree house with a worried look on your face saying “your cat is up in the treehouse, can she get back down?” At which point an insouciant moggie strolls past wondering what the fuss is about.

She’s always loved climbing trees and telegraph poles – she’s been seen at the top of the one attached to the shed on numerous occasions – so I wasn’t all that surprised to find her trying to assist me in pollarding one of the Plane trees yesterday afternoon.

I was just getting to the last bits, and was at the top of the 10ft ladder, when I realised that there was a furry paw on the saw! She’d come up to supervise. It’s quite difficult to saw accurately when there’s another ‘hand’ on the implement, but eventually she decided to just let me get on with it.

Once I’d finished, she shuffled back down to ground level then a few moments later was sitting giving herself a wash in the top of the Turkey Oak on the other side of the circular bed!

Daft Cat or Incredible Tree Cat? I’ll leave that to your imagination.

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