birds, birds, birds – part 2

Great excitement this afternoon as were were welcoming our visitors, when I spotted a large white bird in the top of the copper beech tree.

First thought was a heron, but having dived indoors for the binoculars, it clearly wasn’t heron-coloured but pure white.

Unfortunately it was too far away for the camera, but a look at the RSPB website suggests it was a Large White Egret. Drawing from the RSPB website.

Great white egret

There are two types of Egret in the UK, Little and Large (apologies if that sounds like an erstwhile comedy duo!). Neither are common, but the Large is a lot less seen than the Little.

Apart from size, the key distinguishing feature is the colour of the beak and I’m pretty certain that ours had the yellow beak of the Large White.

All five of us decided that it was heron sized, so we are confident we have correctly observed this rare visitor. They have been spotted on nearby Llangorse Lake, so that helps to add to our level of confidence.

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