Odd things happening

It’s the 1st of October and we’ve just picked some cracking raspberries for breakfast. Nothing strange there you may think – they must be Autumn friuting varieties. Well, yes, some of them are but the best berries have come off what should be normal summer varieties.

Next to the raspberries is the strawberry bed. For those who follow our Newsletter, (or if you don’t, see the last two issues here on the blog) you will know that this year we grew early, mid season and late varieties. The earlies are flowering ……

…. and even have some green berries on them!

Strawberries for Christmas dinner anyone??

At the other end of the scale, we have apples going mouldy on the tree even before the majority of them are ripe for picking. OK this isn’t quite as unusual, but our Tom Putt’s don’t normally do this and are usually best for picking towards the end of the month.

I blame it all on the weather. We’ve just gone from the second wettest month this year – August – to the second driest – September – and the poor plants don’t know what year they are in!

Sue tells me that the courgettes have totally failed as well, so it’s not just the plants that I tend!

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  1. Not really wanting conclusive evidence for this though?

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