Another video lovely

Continuing our series of short garden videos, here’s one for all of us who find the sound of running water so relaxing.

Being where we are, we have no shortage of running water.  The Nant y Bedd – Stream of the Grave – running through the garden and feeding into the beautiful Grwyne Fawr.  And then we have our ‘adopted’ waterfall on the opposite bank, which is unfortunately never as spectacular when our summer visitors are here as it can be throughout the rainy winter months.

We hope you will be able to visit at some point this year and enjoy the soothing sounds.

6 Comments on “Another video lovely

  1. Ian your videos are a great idea – but you are just teasing us…..
    More ‘dwell’ time please, I could do with at least 10 minutes of your borrowed waterfall, and while I’m requesting – please – I need tadpole, newt and dragonfly larvae updates… within you I know you have the makings of a freshwater Jacques Coustaux of the Grwynne Fawr

    • 10 minutes? You never heard of a trailer??? Millions of tadpoles, but haven’t seen them today – had some nocturnal ducks on the pond the last few nights, hope they haven’t devoured them all. Newts – plenty, including some baby ones, mostly found when I was hoovering / netting the crud. All those found were returned. Dragonfly larvae: ditto. Found four Great Diving Beetles when emptying the skimmer today! Yours, Jacques Custard

      • Cher Monsieur Custard, J’ai vraiment hâte de voir votre prochaine vidéo. Avez-vous un seau à fond de verre pour pouvoir filmer l’activité sous-marine?
        Le vôtre en prévision – Michel Le Bois

  2. Aimeriez-vous emprunter ma caméra sous-marine et mon monopode?
    Je pourrais les laisser avec Mark à la boutique Skirrid.

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