Onions Galore

We just pulled the last of the onions and I have to say it’s been one of the best crops I’ve ever grown.

We planted, as usual 2 varieties, but due to the catalogue people sending the wrong one, this year we had Jetset (new to us) and the stalwart favourite Centurion.

The Jetset certainly lived up to their name and were ready some weeks before the Centurion and we’ve been eating them on a regular basis for quite a while now.

Finally the Centurion are ready to harvest and here’s just a few of them.


They are not only numerous but some are HUGE.  This one weighs in at just under 1lb 6oz (600gm to you youngsters).  That’s a lot of onion rings and a gallon or so of onion soup!


Oh and that’s me in my French Onion Seller fancy dress on the Scaer Six Heures poster of a few years back just to authenticate it!

Come and see it for yourself this Sunday (13th Sept) between 11 & 5pm at our NGS Open Day.




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