The woman who talks to owls

Gosh, is it really November since we last posted a story?  It’s been really busy here over the last few months and Sue has a pile of “blog ideas” but “no time” to put them here!

Anyway, here’s a quick story.  This afternoon we’ve been burning the last of the brash from the big tree (full story to come very soon) and as dusk fell Sue started calling the owls.  Now this is quite a regular occurrence, but usually the owls keep their distance, although on very rare occasions we do see them fly over to see who the interloper is.

Tonight there were two owls right on the edge of the yard, who seemed to be keeping up a regular conversation with Sue; one twit-twoo-ing, the other making that ‘eek’ type noise.  Sue was doing both and they seemed quite happy with the chat.

You’ve heard of the Horse Whisperer – now you know about the Owl Talker!!

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