What a weekend!

Despite the rather inclement weather forecast, we had about 220 visitors to our Open Garden over the weekend.  Saturday threatened heavy downpours, thunder and lightning, but apart from a few spots of rain we were lucky enough to miss all that and 63 people, including Deirdre and Kenneth from Ayr (see “let’s go visit a garden”), enjoyed the garden.


The forecast for Sunday was better so we expected to get a few more, but nowhere near as many as did turn up.   The entrance team were kept really busy, I had to reprint the guide leaflets three times and the tea ladies never stopped – well done ladies!

Tea up!

Tea up!

When we did the final count it looks like we had over 150, and it only rained on the last couple – fortunately old friends of ours!


In addition to the teas, a good number of plants were sold, as were my garden accessories, in fact I had to make more on Sunday morning as the Saturday crowd outspent their Sunday counterparts!  Sue was also seen digging up some pieces of  some of her plants as people so admired them!


As I write this a couple of  ladies who were unable to make it on the weekend and who booked in to see the garden today are just settling down for a picnic beside the pond, so that’s two more to add to the total.  If you missed the weekend and still want to come and look around, get in touch and we’ll look forward to seeing you.


Thanks to all those who visited, to all those who bought plants and things and particularly to the helpers from family, friends and Llanthony Garden Club.  The NGS looks to make nearly £850 and the Garden Club over £600.


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