Reimagining lawns…under the washing line

The podcast mentioned in our earlier blog this month was broadcast last week. All told it is 30 minutes long with Sue’s bit coming in after about 13 minutes.

Do have a listen here or find the 23rd March episode here.

Happy listening!

Here are some photographs to accompany the words about the area we refer to as ‘under the washing line’.

Fox and cubs, tormentil and ox-eye daisies.

Yellow rattle introduced to weaken the dominant grasses. And below with speedwell and yarrow, tormentil and knapweed.

Self heal, white clover, lesser stitchwort, and one of the hawkweeds – there are several varieties.

Tormentil and speedwell.

Fox and cubs, tormentil and speedwell with yellow rattle in the background.

Fox and cubs and ox-eye daisies.

Ox-eye daisies and tormentil.

Common knapweed, yarrow, marjoram, lady’s bedstraw.

Yarrow (with soldier beetle) and lady’s bedstraw.

Fritillary on common knapweed.

Painted lady on common knapweed.


The narrow strip alongside the path under the washing line containing selfheal, white clover, common sorrel, common knapweed, ribwort plantain, fox and cubs and a yellow hawkweed.

It’s just magical what happens when you stop mowing and strimming…

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