January 2022 Newsletter …

….. for those souls who haven’t yet arranged for it to be delivered straight to their inbox!

Due to demand we have now added an extra date for Mick’s amazing workshop and there are only a very few places left on that. The extra date is 19th March, all other details will be as above.

We counted 13 different species and a total of 65 birds during our hour, despite the weather deciding to turn a bit wet during it.

We had our visit this morning from the Plant Health people, Ann and her manager Dan. We spent a very interesting and productive four hours with them!!! I don’t think they wanted to go back to their office!

Getting ready now for the Hereford Seed Swap. Sue is busy packeting seeds and I’ve got to produce a poster!

Also, contrary to the Met Office predictions, we did get a bit more rain in the last few days of January, but only another 9.5mm so the comparisons with previous years still stand!

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