A bit of a coup for us!

We just spent a lovely morning wandering around the garden and about with Gary Moore. For those of you who are BBC Spring Watch regulars, you’ll have seen Gary tracking the birds and other wildlife with his parabolic microphone.

Gary came here earlier as the soundie (Sound recordist) for the Gardeners World tree special and was much taken with our little neck of the woods. We got chatting as they were packing up and hatched a plan for him to do one of his Dawn Chorus walks here next Spring.

Today he called in to finalise details and have more time to have a look around. We spent a fascinating couple of hours with him and can confirm that Sunday May 1st 2022 will see our first Dawn Chorus walk.

Gary is a true professional in his field as well as an extremely knowledgable outdoorsman, and has a fund of wonderful stories, so you can be sure of a great session when you book.

We are really thrilled to have landed such an expert.

More details can be found here.

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