Wet, Wet, Wet

It’s official – at least according to the Grwyne Fawr rain gauge – this month is the wettest this year!

With two – forecast to be dry – days to come yesterday’s 2mm put May a millimetre above January at 225.5mm or 8.88inches. What a difference to last year which crept off the floor at 19.25mm (0.76 inches).

A visitor told me the other day that this April was the driest on record – 28.5mm or 1.12 inches – and this May the wettest on record. This is certainly true of Nant y Bedd records – all 17 months of them!

April also came with a huge number of frosty nights, so it is no wonder that most of the plants are about 3-4 weeks behind compared to other years.

Looking at last year’s figures what will August bring – snowstorms?? Or maybe a heatwave in December???

The joys of gardening!

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