“Hey darling, I think we’ve been gazumped!

Easter is the start of the house buying season; at least it is if it’s a nest box you are seeking.

A couple of weeks ago we checked out our boxes, cleaned out the old nesting material and did a bit of maintenance.

I also made a couple of new boxes, one of which we fixed to the Deodar across the stream from the lawn. I made them with holes suitable for Blue Tits of which we have quite a lot – 25mm.

This lunchtime we saw a Great Tit exploring the box but not being able to get in. So I rifled through my drill bits and came up with a 30mm, just a bit larger than the 28mm that Great Tits apparently need.

A few minutes later he (I’m assuming the house hunting is done initially by the hopeful male) came back and after a bit of tidying of the hole, popped inside and had a look around. Apparently satisfied he scooted off to find a suitable lady to share it with. I haven’t checked inside to see whether he left a deposit.

After doing a few jobs we stopped for tea and heard a banging noise coming from that direction. Out with the binos and it was a Nuthatch bashing away trying to make the hole 2mm larger (according to the book).

It looks as though poor Mr Great Tit has been gazumped! Or will he take immediate possession and claim squatter’s rights?

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