Tails of pigs

Somewhat belatedly, we finally have a couple of pigs.  Caroline’s wonderful garden map shows a little piggie waiting to meet our visitors and we’ve been having to explain that we “haven’t got any yet.”

All that changed on Saturday.  After a couple of failed attempts to buy some weaners locally and a somewhat hopeless try at getting some from the market (horrible white, runty things), we were put in touch with a small breeder near Llangynidr by one of our garden visitors – thanks Caroline and Jake from Longtown.

We arranged with Ian and Sarah to collect our pair on Saturday morning.  The big problem to start with was which ones to choose.

Spot your pig!

Sue decided that we’d have a couple of girls – gilts – which narrowed it down.

A bit of Pied Piper work …

follow the food! (Farmers Ian and Sarah in white and red)

…got them penned in to a small area.  Farmer Ian had devised a way to get them from the field to the trailer without the unbelievably hellish sound made by piggies when they are handled by putting them in a big builders, dumpy bag.

All seemed to be going well, one in the bag and the next one selected, when the first one managed to get out. So it was back to Square One Minus One.

To cut a longish story a bit short, we then decided to move them one at a time and soon they were safely in the trailer.

In the trailer

At home, the bag trick worked perfectly and Sandy and Black – they are Oxford Sandy & Blacks, a rare breed – were soon checking out their new home.

Checking the boundaries (1)

Checking the boundaries (2)

They have settled in really quickly, and apart from a penchant to chew ones boots, seem to be lovely and friendly.

Thirsty work, this travelling!

Post-breakfast nap – it’s all right for some!

A quick scratch on a convenient post

More about Sandy and Black (or Bandy & Slack or Blandy & Sack – further (clean) anagrams are welcome!) as they grow, but here’s a nice one to finish …

Sisterly love!

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