Dancing trotters

This morning we took delivery of our latest pair of pigs, just in time for our NGS Open Day on 14th / 15th May (hint, hint).

Like the last two we got them from Geraldine’s friends Dan and Nic, but these are both a bit bigger on arrival and a very different breed.  Their mum is a Large Black and their dad a Duroc.  If you haven’t heard of a Duroc, it’s because there are very few in this country – apparently only five boars in total. The Duroc breed is very lean and so needs to be crossed with something else in order to get a bit of flesh.

The mix gives them a lovely colourful coat, although this will thin out as they grow and their spotty markings will show through better.   image3

We always have two as to keep one on his own seems a bit cruel.  This year we are pigging in company with Ian & Jackie from further down the road, so naming rights were shared.  For reasons best known to herself Jackie decided to ‘adopt’ the one with the small white mark on his face and called him Roger.

As they are currently a gingery colour, we named ours Ginger, so we now have Ginger and Roger, nearly half of a famous dancing double act.

Roger getting stuck in over Ginger

Roger getting stuck in, Ginger getting squashed

We’ll keep you up to date with their progress, in the meantime they need a bit of TLC as they settle in to their new home.

Ginger is happier than Roger to be handled at the moment

Ginger is happier than Roger to be handled at the moment


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