The phantom tulip snatcher??

It seems that as fast as Sue plants her thousands of tulip bulbs, something comes along at night and digs them up.  She’s tried:

—  putting paprika on them before planting

— planting them really deep

— putting loads of leaf mould on top

— putting chicken wire over them

….. but still they get nibbled.

So this gave me a great opportunity to get a wildlife /trail camera – something I’ve wanted for a while now.

The first and second nights we got a few shots of the cats wandering around looking bored and then on night three..


The following day we went around the perimeter fence and blocked a few holes and pointed the camera at what we know as “The Bear’s Cave” – a rock outcrop just outside the gate at the top of the garden.

Blink and you’ll miss it but we saw … something.  Was it Badger or was it a fox?  Tonight may tell.

Can you see it??

Can you see it??

Whatever it is is just below the two trees together.

Not to be disheartened we set the camera up where we thought badger was coming in and Bingo!

Mr B on his (or her) way home after a long night tulip hunting

Mr B on his (or her) way home after a long night tulip hunting

We’ll keep you updated on progress, so keep watching.

BTW it’s really mild here for December look at the temperature stats on the pictures.


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