GI Sue

Don’t worry, Sue hasn’t left the garden and signed up with the US Army!  GI is apparently shorthand for the magazine Gardens Illustrated as used by “those in the know”.

GI is probably Sue’s favourite mag in the whole world and this month she’s got her name in it!

Sarah Price, who visited the garden in May is currently writing a series of articles for GI and the October version features Wild Flowers in Gardens.   One of photographer Britt Willoughby Dyer‘s recent pics of the garden has been used by Sarah to illustrate how to “bring a spontaneous sparkle to a vegetable plot”, In this case our onion beds.

If I had had my way these “weeds, that are shading my onions” would have been pulled up long before Britt or Sarah saw them!

Here’s a copy of the first page of the article.

Gardens Illustrated October 2015

Gardens Illustrated October 2015

PS:  I’ve just had my arm firmly twisted to acknowledge that despite the “weeds” we had a most tremendous crop of onions (see earlier posting) and ………. Sue was right (there, I’ve said it!)

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