Nant y Bedd in Saga magazine

After a very long wait, we can finally disclose that we are featured in the July issue of Saga Magazine!

It all came about one cold morning in about October 2012, when Ian took a phone call whilst building the pond.  On the line was a photographer called Beki Bernstein, who had seen our entry on the NGS website and thought she could make a feature for a gardening magazine.  Beki came up to see us one very damp and dreary November and declared herself sufficiently interested.

Then we heard nothing until Christmas Eve, when she phoned again and said that “as long as we weren’t embarrassed”, she had sold the idea to Saga Magazine!

Things sort of went quiet for a while, as obviously the garden wasn’t in a fit state to be photographed properly.  Then we had calls from Beki and from Tiffany Daneff, the Saga garden writer who was to do the story.

Both visited, at different times, in June / July of 2013, with Tiffany seeming almost as interested in getting gardening tips for her own new garden as in writing the article! A bit later we saw the first draft, but not the pics as they were being kept secret from us.

In May we saw the final draft, complete with pictures and finally began to believe that it would be published.  Today it landed on the doormat.  For those who don’t subscribe to the excellent Saga magazine here’s a copy of the article.

Sue is still hoping for a feature in one of THE gardening magazines, but I reckon this is a great advert for what we do — and the circulation is much higher than any of THE gardening magazines!!

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