Hey, what’s cooking?

Occasionally the house is filled with an unfamiliar (to most people) cooking smell, usually during the day rather than at mealtimes.   The smell is quite pleasant, but the ‘dish’ wouldn’t be very palatable, even to a worm!

It’s soil cooking time!  Yes, that right, cooking trays of soil to sterilise it prior to planting seeds, to ensure that any weed seeds or other nasties are well and truly eliminated, giving the potential new growth the best possible start in life.

Here’s the recipe:

Fill a deep baking tray or two with a mixture of home-made compost (see earlier blogs about compost), well-rotted leaf mould (finely sieved to remove any large clumps) and garden soil (excess after digging over veg beds or mole hills scraped off the lawn and sieved to remove stones – yes, moles do have some uses).

Place in the Esse oven at around 180C for about 20 minutes and there’s two trays of the best seed mixture you can get.

Mmmm, just needs a bit of gravy!

Mmmm, just needs a bit of gravy!

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