Weather words

Despite the heavy winds of the last few days, the garden has survived relatively unscathed.  Sue’s willow hoop, which has featured in some photos, blew apart and we had a tree down in the new bit of woodland – one less to have to fell!  The only problems came from having two days with no electricity, which meant no hydro generation for two days breaking my sequence of high weekly figures.  One of the power cuts meant Western Power had to put up a new pole on the river walk but, to be fair, they left the site pretty tidy on the ground, just a lot of brash to clear.

The Grwyne Fawr in spate

The Grwyne Fawr in spate

The high water in the river has cleared a lot of debris downstream, including a dead sheep or two which had been trapped by branches.  A much less smelly option to removing them than having to drag out bloated bodies!

The rain has turned the chicken patch to a bit of a quagmire, but the young hens are starting to lay – very small eggs (smaller than a Cadbury’s Creme Egg) at the moment and “Six”, the cockerel, has almost worked out how to crow properly.

"Six" the cockerel - named as he was the last to hatch

“Six” the cockerel – named as he was the last to hatch

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