3 strings in the kitchen

This is the best crop of onions we have ever grown – now strung up in the kitchen and will keep us in onions until at least April.  I learned how to string onions many years ago using the method John Seymour advocated in his ‘Complete Self Sufficency’ which  I understand has been re-printed in recent years.

Always a good idea to reflect on what works and what doesn’t in the garden.  Excellent crop due to the fantastic summer weather – needed to make sure we watered in the really dry spell – easy as the dipping tank fed from our very large rain-water harvesting tank is right next to the onion bed.

‘Recipe’ is (for us – because we have the dreaded onion white spot in lots of our veg beds) permanent onion beds in the sunniest spot we have, dug over in the autumn and mucked with horse muck ( having learnt the lesson of not using our own compost – we were spreading the disease), covered with black plastic (to stop the weeds growing and let the worms do the work), and then plant sets as early as we can in the spring.  Liquid Comfrey manure really does give them a boost during their growing in high summer.  This year it was difficult getting them dried off before bringing them  in as the weather wasn’t kind to us.  We resorted to putting them on a grid on top of the sheep trailer and hoicking them in and out of the shed as the weather allows.  Seems to work.

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