Wood and water power

It’s not just about gardening at Nant y Bedd – we are also very keen on living the “Green Lifestyle” to the extent that we no longer use the oil heating and rely on wood for heating, cooking and to an extent for heating water – supplemented by Solar thermal units.  That means a lot of wood, so the old grey Fergi gets put to work on hauling, splitting and cutting firewood.  Which is then stacked outside for a year or two before going into the shed for the winter.

Tractor and logs

Fergi cutting logs

wood stack

wood stack in the shed under construction

Nearly two year’s ago we installed a micro hydro electric system.  It’s only 3KwH maximum but when it rains – as it can do quite a lot in Wales – then it provides more than enough for the house.  We’ve just had the best 3 week period so far, following on from an almost completely dead, sunny summer, so Ian is often happiest when it’s raining!!


The working end of the hydro


The hydro intake is under there!

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