Just a few of the Charlottes

The weather has finally changed (and the hydro is producing electricity again) and harvesting the potatoes and onions is in full swing.  The onions are tremendous, although about 10% seem to be ‘twins’ – two centres in one plant – and these won’t keep as they don’t dry properly, but have made some really tasty French Onion soup for the colder months ahead.  The spuds are also excellent. The picture shows less than a third of the Charlottes we harvested,  and the Remarkas will make superb baking potatoes for the winter months.

cats and ducks
Cat amongst the ducks!

Helping with the harvest were two of our pest control units”: mouser ‘Smudge’ and the duck sluggers, who seem to have come to some sort of meeting to discuss tactics here.


‘headless’ chicks at feed

Meanwhile in the chicken run, our recently hatched six chicks are voraciously feeding when not chasing each other around the trees and weeds.


Pumpkin pie – or soup?

A couple of good sized pumpkins are ripening up in time for Halloween.

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